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Delta 1305 Atlanta 10:10pm C8 Now 9:55P 
Southwest3819 Atlanta 10:40pm B2 On Time  
Delta 1050 Atlanta 11:48pm C6 On Time 
Delta 2331 Atlanta 8:49pm C4 Now 9:23P 
Delta 1226 Atlanta 6:58pm C8 Now 7:37P 
Spirit943 Atlantic City 8:18pm D4 Arrived  
Spirit669 Baltimore 8:30am D2 On Time  
Southwest1772 Baltimore 10:40pm B6 On Time  
Southwest1947 Baltimore 8:50pm B2 Arrived  
JetBlue865 Boston 12:17am D8 Now 12:46A 10 
JetBlue1065 Boston 8:10pm D10 Now 8:30P 10 
JetBlue1665 Boston 10:56pm D6 Now 11:22P 10 
American2084 Charlotte 9:52pm D3 Now 10:37P 
American1820 Charlotte 11:57pm D10 On Time  
American1281 Chicago O Hare 6:41pm D5 Now 6:43P 
American1043 Chicago O Hare 10:49pm D5 Now 10:44P 
Spirit223 Chicago O Hare 7:56pm D2 Arrived  
Southwest3823 Chicago-Midway 10:25pm B4 Now 10:20P  
Southwest844 Chicago-Midway 6:50pm B2 Arrived  
United Airlines1027 Cleveland 6:34pm C5 Arrived 
American2366 Dallas-Ft. Worth 11:58pm D7 Now 11:52P  
Delta 2906 Detroit 8:54pm C2 Now 8:42P 
United Airlines1593 Houston-IAH 10:48pm C3 Now 10:43P 
Sun Country 387 Minneapolis 8:11pm B7 Arrived 
JetBlue1729 New York-JFK 7:26pm D8 Now 8:20P 10 
Delta 1755 New York-LGA 11:15pm C9 Now 11:48P 
United Airlines1192 Newark 9:19pm C5 Now 10:37P 
United Airlines1857 Newark 11:35pm C1 Now 11:56P 
American2113 Philadelphia 9:41pm D1 Now 10:12P 
Southwest1357 St. Louis 7:00pm B4 Arrived  
Air Canada1662 Toronto 7:14pm B3 Now 7:29P 
American4411 Washington-DCA 7:40pm D1 Arrived 


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