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Airline Flight City Time Gate Remarks Baggage Claim
JetBlue1065 Boston 5:29pm D8 Arrived 10 
JetBlue165 Boston 12:40am D8 On Time 10 
JetBlue1729 New York-JFK 6:50pm D6 Now 6:47P 10 
JetBlue329 New York-JFK 11:25pm D6 On Time 10 
JetBlue865 Boston 8:54pm D6 Now 8:45P 10 
JetBlue1365 Boston 7:58pm D8 Now 7:36P 10 
US Airways1845 Philadelphia 6:36pm D1 Now 6:43P 
US Airways1939 Charlotte 6:53pm D3 Now 7:40P 
US Airways1953 Philadelphia 8:38pm D1 Now 8:06P 
US Airways1912 Charlotte 6:12pm D3 Arrived 
US Airways3468 Washington-DCA 10:22pm D2 On Time 
American1004 Dallas-Ft. Worth 9:40pm D10 On Time 
Silver Airways3998 Orlando 7:48pm D9A On Time 
American188 Dallas-Ft. Worth 5:50pm D10 Arrived 
American1474 Chicago O Hare 10:00pm D10 On Time 
Spirit247 Boston 11:45pm D5 On Time 
Spirit223 Chicago O Hare 6:09pm D7 Arrived 
Spirit945 Atlantic City 8:30pm D7 On Time 
Spirit689 Detroit 10:58pm D7 Detroit 
Delta 1713 Atlanta 9:15pm C4 On Time 
Delta 1050 Atlanta 11:36pm C6 On Time 
Delta 1372 Atlanta 6:30pm C6 Arrived 
Delta 2451 Minneapolis 5:28pm C4 Arrived 
Delta 873 Atlanta 5:09pm C4 Arrived 
Delta 3422 New York-LGA 11:10pm C2 Now 11:48P 
Delta 2152 Detroit 11:01pm C8 On Time 
Air Canada1234 Toronto 7:33pm B3 Now 7:03P 
United Airlines620 Newark 11:10pm C1 On Time 
United Airlines1587 Newark 5:26pm C5 Arrived 
United Airlines459 Chicago O Hare 11:43pm C5 On Time 
United Airlines1498 Houston-IAH 12:11am C3 Now 12:10A 
AirTran538 Baltimore 5:55pm B6 Arrived 
United Airlines1140 Cleveland 6:20pm C1 Arrived 
Southwest11 Indianapolis 5:05pm B6 Arrived 
United Airlines577 Newark 7:22pm C3 Now 7:14P 
Southwest3060 Chicago-Midway 5:05pm B4 Arrived 
United Airlines5179 Houston-IAH 5:34pm C3 Now 5:36P 
Southwest3750 Atlanta 6:05pm B2 Arrived 
AirTran394 Atlanta 8:05pm B6 Now 8:02P 
Southwest817 Pittsburgh 7:35pm B4 Now 7:15P  
Southwest1607 Milwaukee 6:50pm B2 In Range  
Southwest2773 Chicago-Midway 11:05pm B2 On Time  


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