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Construction Progress

Construction crews have nearly completed the paving of Runway 5-23. Electrical work continues which includes installation of the new LED edge lights, PAPIs, and REILs. Application of the temporary airfield markings is nearing completion.

Taxiway E remains open in its entirety and Taxiway A is now open between Runway 13-31 and Taxiway A-3.

Taxiway C remains closed between Taxiway B and Taxiway C-6 (approach end of Runway 23).

Taxiway B remains closed between Taxiway C and the Foxtrot Hangars and Taxiway A remains closed between Runway 13-31 and Taxiway A-6 (approach end of Runway 23). Please click on the link below for a diagram of current runway and taxiway closures.

FMY FAA Construction Notice: June 16, 2017

We are currently scheduled to return Runway 5-23 to service on July 22. At that time we will need to close Runway 13-31 in order to complete construction of Taxiway C. This schedule is still subject to change and a separate notice will go out prior to the opening of Runway 5-23. You can expect at least one more overnight closure of both runways prior to the opening of Runway 5-23 to allow for grooving and painting through the intersection.

Please note that we will most likely be closing portions of newly opened Taxiways A and E in the near future for short durations to allow contractors access to complete punchlist work. Continue to check NOTAMs for the most current airfield information. Thank you.

Construction Notices