Noise Education Program

Planning and site selection for the airport began in 1973 and on May 14, 1983, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) officially opened its doors. RSW served more than 7.3 million passengers in 2012 and is one of the top 50 U.S. airports for passenger traffic. The airport is served by 18 airlines and provides more than $3.8 billion in regional economic impact each year.


Southwest Florida International Airport is managed by the Lee County Port Authority and is responsible for the overall operation of the airport and its infrastructure, but LCPA does not control aircraft in the air or on the ground. The safe and efficient control of aircraft is the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration and the pilot who operates the aircraft. 


Historically, the Board of Port Commissioners has been very proactive in evaluating the effects of aircraft overflights on surrounding communities, and as a result, has directed LCPA to prepare a noise study for RSW every five years. During the last FAR Part 150 Noise Study prepared in 2006, the FAA concluded that RSW does not have a noise problem based on federal criteria, which considers aircraft noise levels around the airport over an FAA-determined analysis period.


In April 2011, the Port Authority initiated a new FAR Part 150 Noise Study. While the study is being conducted, community meetings will be hosted to ensure maximum public input. To track the noise study progress and to view meeting times and locations, click 2011 Part 150 Study to obtain the most current available information.   


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