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Frontier486 Denver 5:23am  Cancelled  
Southwest2114 Indianapolis 7:30am  Cancelled  
Southwest989 Buffalo 8:15am B2 Cancelled  
Southwest1087 Columbus 8:30am  On Time  
Spirit605 Detroit 8:50am D2 Now 8:43A  
Spirit943 Atlantic City 8:50am D4 Now 8:25A  
Frontier1743 Cincinnati 8:54am  Cancelled  
Frontier915 Detroit 8:55am  Cancelled  
Southwest1044 Baltimore 9:00am  Cancelled  
American1063 Philadelphia 9:17am  Cancelled  
American1627 Charlotte 9:21am  Cancelled  
Southwest1582 Pittsburgh 9:35am  On Time  
Spirit1727 Indianapolis 9:39am D10 Now 9:36A  
Southwest2345 St. Louis 9:45am B2 On Time  
Frontier1439 Chicago O Hare 9:47am  Cancelled  
Delta 1068 Atlanta 9:52am C8 Now 10:01A 
Spirit364 Baltimore 9:55am D4 Now 9:44A  
Spirit257 Columbus 10:00am D2 Now 9:51A  
Delta 2842 Detroit 10:07am C8 Now 11:10A 
Frontier931 Milwaukee 10:10am  Cancelled  
Southwest1001 Chicago-Midway 10:15am  On Time  
JetBlue1251 White Plains 10:26am D8 Now 10:09A 10 
Frontier823 Trenton 10:30am  Cancelled  
American1469 Dallas-Ft. Worth 10:35am D1 On Time  
Spirit937 Boston 10:46am D4 Now 10:35A  
Spirit121 Chicago O Hare 10:56am D2 Now 11:23A  
American1313 Chicago O Hare 10:57am  Cancelled  
Southwest983 Atlanta 11:00am B6 On Time  
American1732 Charlotte 11:04am  Cancelled  
Delta 1042 New York-LGA 11:09am  Cancelled  
Frontier2423 Cleveland 11:19am  Cancelled  
United Airlines1087 Washington-IAD 11:26am C5 On Time 
United Airlines667 Newark 11:43am  Cancelled  
American746 Washington-DCA 11:44am D1 On Time  
Southwest1061 Baltimore 12:00pm  On Time  
Delta 1380 Cincinnati 12:09pm C2 Now 3:39P 
Southwest3197 Indianapolis 12:10pm B8 On Time  
JetBlue2929 New York-JFK 12:17pm  Cancelled  
American1926 Chicago O Hare 12:35pm D7 On Time  
Southwest986 Milwaukee 12:35pm B4 On Time  
Delta 1732 Atlanta 12:48pm  Cancelled  
Delta 2080 Detroit 12:55pm  Cancelled  
JetBlue865 Boston 1:01pm D6 Now 12:36P 10 
Delta 1506 Minneapolis 1:01pm  Cancelled  
American565 Charlotte 1:03pm D1 On Time  
Sun Country 375 Minneapolis 1:08pm  On Time  
United Airlines1740 Chicago O Hare 1:10pm C3 On Time 
Spirit319 Minneapolis 1:17pm D4 On Time  
Delta 490 Atlanta 1:28pm C8 On Time 
American2603 Philadelphia 1:54pm  Cancelled  
Frontier927 Islip 1:58pm  Cancelled  
United Airlines2461 Newark 2:01pm  Cancelled  
Delta 1067 Atlanta 2:07pm  Cancelled  
Spirit1435 Philadelphia 2:18pm D2 On Time  
Delta 2996 New York-LGA 2:32pm  Cancelled  
American1475 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2:32pm D1 On Time  
American1609 Chicago O Hare 2:38pm  Cancelled  
Southwest291 Chicago-Midway 2:45pm  On Time  
Frontier1745 Cincinnati 3:11pm  Cancelled  
Southwest2129 Nashville 3:15pm B2 On Time  
United Airlines313 Denver 3:22pm  Cancelled  
Delta 2177 Detroit 3:28pm C2 Cancelled  
United Airlines1409 Houston-IAH 3:57pm  Cancelled  
American2561 Chicago O Hare 4:08pm  Cancelled  
Delta 1793 Atlanta 4:10pm  Cancelled  
Southwest1031 Baltimore 4:15pm  On Time  
American1670 Philadelphia 4:32pm  Cancelled  
American569 Charlotte 4:32pm  Cancelled  
Frontier2355 Philadelphia 4:33pm  Cancelled  
JetBlue481 Washington-DCA 4:41pm  Cancelled  
Southwest1322 Grand Rapids 4:45pm B2 On Time  
Delta 486 Atlanta 4:53pm  Cancelled  
Spirit529 Pittsburgh 4:58pm D4 On Time  
Spirit1013 Newark 5:02pm  Cancelled  
JetBlue1729 New York-JFK 5:07pm D6 On Time 10 
Southwest754 Columbus 5:10pm B4 On Time  
Spirit967 Cleveland 5:14pm D2 On Time  
Southwest1051 Chicago-Midway 5:15pm  On Time  
United Airlines1214 Cleveland 5:27pm C3 On Time 
JetBlue1211 Newark 5:29pm D8 On Time 10 
Delta 2704 Atlanta 5:34pm  Cancelled  
Delta 1581 Detroit 5:35pm  Cancelled  
Delta 3070 Minneapolis 5:36pm C8 Now 3:46P  
Southwest1003 Providence 5:45pm B4 On Time  
Southwest1016 Indianapolis 5:45pm B2 On Time  
Frontier947 Providence 6:10pm  Cancelled  


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