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Page Field (FMY) Fly Friendly Program

The Lee County Port Authority (LCPA) and FMY staff work continuously to maintain good relationships with federal and local agencies, FMY tenants/pilots and surrounding communities to ensure a commitment of FMY being a good neighbor. FMY, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-designated reliever airport, serves as critical aviation infrastructure for Southwest Florida. By operating as a general aviation reliever to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), it allows both airports to provide the highest level of utility, efficiency and economic impact for the local economy.

Operations that are normal to FMY may include, but are not limited to, business jet travel, light aircraft travel and helicopter traffic. Additionally, FMY houses multiple flight training schools that may have aircraft performing touch and go procedures in the airport traffic pattern. A traffic pattern is a standard path followed by aircraft when taking off or landing while maintaining visual contact with the airfield. The use of the traffic pattern is to ensure aviation safety for aircraft practicing landings and takeoffs. By using a consistent flight pattern, pilots will know where to expect other air traffic and be able to see and avoid it.

Although the authority to control aircraft in flight and on the ground lies exclusively with the FAA and pilot in command, FMY staff promotes and recommends the voluntary FMY Fly Friendly Program extensively among our local pilots and tenants to ensure they are following best practices for overflight mitigation for the surrounding communities. To see the best practices being promoted by LCPA and FMY staff, please visit our FMY Fly Friendly Program below.