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Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) Aircraft Overflight Program

The Lee County Port Authority (LCPA) has been, and continues to be, very proactive in evaluating the effects of aircraft overflights on the surrounding Southwest Florida communities. To that end, LCPA maintains a robust voluntary aircraft overflight program for RSW. This program is designed to record and investigate overflight comments, monitor voluntary operational measures outlined in past noise studies, and act as the primary liaison between local communities, airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding aircraft overflight activity.

RSW is owned and operated by LCPA; however, the FAA controls and regulates all aspects of the airspace, including arriving/departing aircraft movement, flight patterns and pilot assignments. LCPA’s Aircraft Overflight Program strives to engage with stakeholders and be an informational resource for local communities about airport and aircraft operations at RSW. The program focuses on three main areas: overflight education, stakeholder coordination and airport compatibility. LCPA has also undertaken other large initiatives, such as completing multiple 14 CFR Part 150 Noise Studies, as well as continuing to work with local municipalities to address aircraft overflight exposure through land use planning.

LCPA recognizes the importance of being a responsible neighbor and is committed to its continuous efforts to evaluate actions that balance the needs of airport users with the expectations of Lee County residents without jeopardizing safe airport operations. Minimizing aircraft flights over residential and other noise-sensitive areas while operating a safe and efficient air transportation system is a worldwide challenge. LCPA will continue to be the intermediary between all parties in the voluntary aircraft overflight program. The main objective of this program is to address community questions and concerns regarding aircraft overflights.

The links on this webpage are meant to provide information on LCPA’s role in managing aircraft overflights to/from RSW and what we are doing to assist in reducing their impacts on the surrounding Southwest Florida communities.