Flying Clubs/Organizations

Cub Club
President: Terry Vorhees


  • Aircraft rental to club members up to 72 hours with no additional charges for overnites or ground time (rentals up to 2 weeks are possible with prior approval of the club's Board of Directors)
  • Several times a year we fly to nearby (and less crowded) airfields for a day of cookouts and competition.
  • Students welcome, club membership makes learning to fly more affordable.
  • Learn from informative and interesting speakers at regular monthly meetings.


Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
President: Len DeNardo

Clubhouse Phone: 239-245-8781
EAA Clubhouse is located at 10816 E. Airport Road, on the east side of the field adjacent to the Foxtrot hangars

  • Promote safety, education, and the construction and flying of homebuilt aircraft.


Sun Downers
President: Bill Sutton 
The Sundowners are a group of pilots who assist in the search and rescue of problem boaters. They assist the Coast Guard with their 96 pilot members and 66 observers.


Page Field Users Association
President: Don Abbott
We are an association of users of Page Field Airport who help to support general aviation and encourage support for Page Field.